Students interested in working with me

Our laboratory is part of University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Systems and Information Engineering, Department of Risk Enginnering. To be admitted to our department, you are required to contact me in advance (also due to the limited number of students' desks). In particular, if you are not yet admitted to University of Tsukuba, please send me email.

Sending me email

Please include the following information.

Research Plan

Please describe your research plan by explaining the relevance to other existing works rather than describing only what you want to do (i.e., your research plan will have references including papers you read). It is often the case that research does not progress as scheduled, so you may change the plan later and it is OK. However, preparing the research plan, investigating the related work, and explaining why your research plan is meaningful to others will make you understand your research topic more deeply.
To find the related work about cryptography, the following international conferences may be a good starting point (although these do not cover all the important conferences).
Crypto, Eurocrypt, Asiacrypt, CCS, PKC, TCC, STOC, FOCS, IEEE Security & Privacy, ICALP, NDSS, CT-RSA, CANS, ACNS, Financial Cryptography, Indocrypt, ESORICS, SCN, PoPETs, PQCrypto, ACISP, WPES, etc.
Further this site will also be useful because there you can find the files such as the full versions of the papers accepted at or the latest papers that are going to be submitted to the above international conferences.

Open Campus of Our Department

If you attend Open Campus in spring and autumn, you can have a chance to talk with me and other students.

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